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Since its launch in 2015, Bitsler has continuously expanded the range of coins available on the platform, which makes it easier to deposit and withdraw funds using your preferred cryptocurrency.

In this article you'll find more information about the following: 

1. How to check my balance? 

2. Possible settings for coins display

1. How to check my balance?

The current balance of each coin can be found by looking at the corresponding value listed next to the coin symbol.

For Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin balances the display can be customized, adapting the decimal cases.

For example, you can change the display from BTC to sats, bits, or MBTC.

This can make your balance easier to read and understand.

The correspondent market price of the crypto coin selected will be displayed at the top of the dropdown coin menu.

You can use the “Display currency” feature, to present your balance on a fiat currency you are more familiar with:

After selecting the currency, press “DONE”

2. Possible settings for coins display

To access settings, press the gear icon located in the bottom-right corner.

3.1. Sort by balance

This means that coins with higher balances will appear first on the list.

3.2. Manage favorites

Your favorite coins can be displayed at the top of the list as well. Add and remove them by using this option.

3.3. Show fiat value

Quickly and easily see the current value of your cryptocurrency balance in a fiat value, such as USD or EUR for instance.

Happy betting!

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