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Minimum/Maximum bet amounts
Minimum/Maximum bet amounts
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Both in our Casino (Bitsler games and providers games) and Sports areas, there are a minimum and a maximum bet amount for every game/market.

Bitsler games: In our own Bitsler games, the amounts are fixed in $ and then updated into any crypto on our side.

By default, balances are displayed on:

- A fiat currency, at our casino (providers games)
- A cryptocurrency, at sports/e-sports.

(If you wish to know more about all our balance display options, please click here)

Having this in mind, we'll use USDT in order to provide a couple of examples.

1. Casino

1.1. Bitsler Games

  • The minimum bet amount will always depend on the value of the chips a player uses to place the bet; being that the lower valued chip is 0.1$, the minimum bet is 0.1$.

As per the maximum bet amount, the highest valued chip on Roulette is worth 1000$.

However, there are differences regarding the type of bet: Inside vs Outside bets.

- Inside maximum bet: 100$
- Outside maximum bet: 2000$

Note: whenever you attempt to place a bet that is higher than your current balance on the selected currency, an instant error message will appear providing that information.

  • As another example, on Dice, as well as on most of our games, such as Boom, Twist, Keno, a player can access the min/max bet amounts by simply clicking on the white information button, as shown below.

Example 1: Dice

Example 2: Boom

However, there are some exceptions in this regard, such as on Fruitsler, where it is still quite simple as well, but slightly different to check the min/max bet amounts.

On Fruitsler (as well as Crypto Thugs, for example), a player simply needs to click on Max Bet (as shown below), in order to visualize the Maximum bet amount, depending and corresponding to the crypto coin that is selected.

The tab will automatically be updated to the maximum bet, with the highest possible bets per line.

On Fruitsler, a player will need to manually click on the " - " button (green arrow below) in order to set the minimum bet amount.

1.2. Providers' games

When playing on any of our providers' games, players will also be able to check the min/max bets on each specific game itself.

Once these are 3rd party games, amounts (and the way to check these) will depend on the game/provider as well.

Here are a couple of different examples:

Example 1:

Minimum bet amount

Maximum bet amount

Example 2:

Minimum bet amount

Maximum bet amount

2. Sportsbook

As for Sports and Esports, regardless of the estimated payout, the minimum bet amount is 0.20$ (in each cryptocurrency equivalent), both in parlays and single bets.

Once you try to place a bet that is lower than 0.20$, the system will automatically notify you that it is below the minimum bet amount.

As for the maximum bet amount, it will always depend on each sport, competition, market, whether it is pre-match or in-play (live), and the remaining time until the start of the match/event, amongst several other factors.

Happy bets, loads of fun, and best of luck! :)

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