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All about Bet Fairness in Online Gambling
All about Bet Fairness in Online Gambling
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Provably Fair in online gambling is a concept used to ensure that the outcome of a game or bet is fair and not manipulated by the host website.

It plays a crucial role in ensuring the fairness and transparency of online casino games.

Did you know that Bitsler is a Provably Fair casino?

This means that when you play our games, there is a way to confirm the integrity of your bet results.

We will guide you through the following topics:

  • How does provably fair work?

  • How to change your seeds?

  • How to check your bets?

1. How does provably fair work?

When you play a game the system generates a random outcome for it, like the roll of a dice or the draw of a card. This random outcome is usually determined by using a cryptographic algorithm, making it virtually impossible to predict or manipulate in advance.

This provably fair system relies on random numbers generated by a combination of server seed, client seed, and a nonce (a number which never repeats), which are then used to calculate the bet result:

  • The server seed is randomly generated by the server, while the client seed is chosen by the player (or automatically generated by the user's browser) and can be modified.

  • The game is played using the secret seed from the server and the player’s seed. These seeds are used to calculate the results of the game, such as determining the winning numbers or symbols.

  • After the game, the player can request the server to reveal the secret seed it used during the game session. The player then takes the revealed seed from the server and combines it with their own seed. This process creates a unique code called a hash.

  • The player can then compare the hash they generated with the hash provided by the game server before the game. If the two hashes match, it means the game was fair and the server did not manipulate the results.

2. How to change your seeds

Before you can start checking your bets, you need to change your seeds. Learn how to do so here.

3. How to verify your bets

You have a few different ways to verify them, all described here.

In summary, Provably Fair is a method that allows players to verify the fairness of online games by providing them with the necessary information to confirm that the outcome was truly random and not tampered with by the website.

That being said, we always advise that you only bet on Provably Fair casinos.

As always, if you encounter any issues or have more questions about this subject, feel free to message our team!

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