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How to change your seeds?
How to change your seeds?
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One of the steps you must take before you verify your bets is to change your seeds.

​There are 2 very simple ways to change your seeds that will be demonstrated below, as well as other useful information:

  • How to change your seeds?

    • Through the provably fair menu

    • Through a bet you placed

  • How often should I change my seeds?

  • Common issues while changing your seeds

1. How to change your seeds?

1.1. Through the provably fair Menu

On our site, scroll down until the bottom of the page. You will see the provably fair shortcut below the "About Us" menu:

Simply click on it and switch to the "Settings" column.

The field "Client Seed" is usually automatically filled with a new seed, and you can just select "Use New Seeds":

Otherwise, you can also write down on the same field the seed that you would like to use.

1.2. Through a bet you placed

If you just placed a bet and want to change your seeds straight away, you can just scroll down to "My bets" to select the bet in question, open it, and click on the "Provably fair" menus:

Then, switch to the "Settings" column, and you will be able to change your seeds as already showcased in the first example.

2. How often should I change my seeds?

There is no ideal moment to change your seeds when you are not actively verifying your bets.

As a general rule, you change them before you use the provably fair verifier to check your bets.

However, some players like to change them before they start a new set of rolls, for example, or every couple of days. It's up to you and your strategy.

If you haven't changed your seeds in 90 days, the system will send you a pop-up message prompting you to do it. You only have to follow the steps shown to you to change your seeds:

3.Issues while changing the seeds

Sometimes you will receive a message that you cannot change your seed because you have a pending bet.

This can happen with some games, such as Mines and Ultimate Poker, where there is more than one step to complete a bet.

It will look like this:

In that case, simply go back to the game that is shown on the message, and finish the pending bet. Only then will you be able to successfully change your seeds.

As always, feel free to shoot us a message when needed! 😃​

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