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The withdrawals you make here at Bitsler are instant!

However, occasionally, you might notice that your withdrawal wasn’t sent immediately.
This can happen for a few different reasons, such as:

  • Your withdrawal status is "Pending"

  • Your withdrawal status is "On Hold"

  • Your withdrawal status is "Canceled"

In all of the above situations, you will receive a notification, either on the website or via email.
You can also go to your Transaction History - Withdrawals, to check the status of your withdrawal.

1. "Pending" withdrawals

If your withdrawal was set to Pending, there is nothing to worry about.

This means that it will need to be manually checked by:

  • Our Team; or

  • One of our third-party game providers.

This procedure only ensures all security checks are in place. Both for your and our own safety.

You won’t have to do anything else unless we ask you for any specific details.

2. "On Hold" withdrawals

Usually, a withdrawal is put on Hold when the system detects suspicious behavior.

The goal is to protect your account from hackers and to protect Bitsler's integrity as well.

In these cases, you will usually need to contact support because we might require action from your side.

Read more about this on our T&C: https://www.bitsler.com/en/tos

3. "Canceled" Withdrawals

At last, if you made a withdrawal and it was canceled, please verify if your balance was refunded during the process.
If it was, you can try again as it could be just a temporary error.

However, if it happens again or if you weren’t automatically refunded, please let us know straight away.

Nevertheless, If you still have any questions about why your withdrawal hasn’t been sent, we are happy to assist you.
Just message us on our live chat, or send an e-mail to support@bitlser.com.

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