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When talking about setting up your account and managing its security, there are plenty of things to consider.  


This page allows you to view the email associated with your account (if verified or not). Having your email verified is a requirement to be able to withdraw your funds.

You can also see your current session‘s information and subscribe or unsubscribe to our newsletters.

By activating the “Require verification by email” option, our system will warn you, by email, whenever there is a login from an unknown browser or device, allowing you to confirm or reject the connection.


The following tab will allow you to update your password.

Just follow all the instructions given on this page.

Make sure that you are choosing a password that’s strong, but one that you will be able to remember.

Two-Factor Authentication

The third tab is where you will activate or deactivate your 2FA, for added security.
For more information on this, please check our article about 2FA.


Metamask is a crypto wallet that supports some of our available currencies. You can get access to it by visiting and installing it in your browser.

Through this tab you can connect your Bitsler account to your Metamask wallet.

Doing so will allow you to avoid copy-pasting addresses when sending funds to and from Bitsler.

This way, you can avoid any accidents and make depositing and withdrawing via Metamask a much simpler process.

Active Sessions

The “Active Sessions” tab will allow you to review any sessions you may have active.
It also gives you the option to log out of the current session or destroy any unknown or previous sessions.


The last option on the Security tab is the API key.
You can read more about it and generate your own API key here.

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