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Our account settings page is one of the most important pages we provide to our players because it will allow you to manage your account security, among other important configuration options.

We will approach the following topics:

  • Security

  • Interface

  • Bitsler Game Preferences

  • Avatar

  • Notifications

  • Privacy

  • Personal Details & Account Verification

  • Self Exclusion

You can access the account settings by clicking on your avatar, on the top right corner of the casino's main page, and selecting the cogwheel icon, or directly via the following link.


The first available tab will be related to your account’s security.

You can read more here.


On this page, you can configure the website according to the following:

  • Theme: Between default and light.

  • Time: Server time (GMT) or local time. Keep in mind the time reflected here will affect the time displayed on your betting details and any information regarding promotions.

  • Bet List Limit: 15 – 100 bets

Note: Changing the number of bets you wish to see will not allow you to see any previous bets that weren’t already listed. It will only display any bets placed after the change has been put in place.

Bitsler Game Preferences

This page lets you change the preferences for Bitsler games only (it does not include other games, such as slots, live games, or sportsbook).

1. Preferences

  1. Saves the settings you insert into the betting options below the games, for both manual and auto-bet modes.

  2. Removes the warning received when you reset the auto-bet settings.

  3. Removes the warning received when using the maximum bet option.

  4. Removes the maximum bet button from the betting options.

  5. Allows you to turn in-game sounds and music on and off, as well as notification sounds.

2. Amount controls

This page will grant you the option to manually adjust your bet amount preferences, in USD, or according to the options given on the game itself.


The Avatar tab is where you’ll be able to change your avatar when the mood strikes, so get creative!


On your Notifications tab you are able to decide which notifications you wish to receive:


The Privacy tab is where you can change your privacy settings.

Personal Details & Account Verification

The Personal Details and Account Verification tabs are where you will proceed with your identity verification.
You can read more about this here.

Self Exclusion

Last but not least, we offer a self-exclusion option.

If you are experiencing issues with gambling or simply wish to take a break to come back at a later point with a clearer mind, you can use this option to do so.

Here you can suspend your account for a period of time or close it permanently.

Make sure to confirm the self-exclusion process in your email to finalize it.

If, by chance, you need any assistance, please keep in mind that we offer support to all of our players, 24/7, via our live chat option or email (to

Happy games!

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