How to check your Statistics?
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At Bitsler, you have access to all sorts of information regarding your account!

One of the features you can use is how to track both your:

  • Current statistics - Per Game

  • Overall statistics

1. Current Statistics - Per Game

You can check your current statistics in every casino game that you play with us whenever you want to.

You’ll always find them in the casino section, below the main page of the game you have selected.

If you press the highlighted button on the screenshot below, you’ll be able to check this, but in a pop-up display:

You can move them around the page, and place them right next to the game so that you never lose track:

At any time, be it every day, once every week, every month, or whenever you like, you can reset these numbers and start tracking your current statistics from the beginning:

If you plan to reset your current statistics, you might want to take note of what you had before. Once you use the reset, you won’t be able to check what you´ve erased.

2. Overall Statistics

You can see how many times you have placed a bet on a certain game, and how many wins and losses you’ve got on it.

To obtain this information, all you need to do is click on your Avatar, present at the top right of the main page, and then choose the “Statistics” feature.

You can also review how much you have wagered with all of the different coins you use on Bitsler. All you have to do is swap the tab on this page:

​Keeping track of all this information can really help you monitor your participation in our promotions and even help you strategise better for your next betting sessions.

​If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask our Support Team. 😁

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