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Where to find our Promotions
Where to find our Promotions
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Looking for ways to get more of those juicy coins? You should take a look at our promotions!

We have several different and generous campaigns and offers available for our players!

Keep reading to find out more about:

  • Where to find the promotions on Bitsler's site?

  • Bistler's Telegram Channel

  • Twitter Special Promotions:

  • Our other social media platforms

  • Live Streams

  • Community Chat Games

1. Where to find the promotions on our Site?

You will be able to find the most recent promotions on our website by accessing this link:

If you scroll down that page, you'll also see our "in-house" offers, which you have access to throughout your stay, such as Rakeback, Chests, Jackpot, Coupons, Rains and the complementary welcome No Deposit Bonus.

See the screenshot below:

​2. Bistler's Telegram Channel

Our Telegram Channel is the best to stay up to date about our promotions, and it's available on your smartphone!

You'll be able to find our channel here:

Make sure to follow us and turn your notifications on so that you don't miss any offers. 😁

​3. Twitter Special Promotions:

There is another place where you can find some very exclusive and original Promotions – Twitter (X).

Be sure to follow our page and turn on notifications so you don’t lose any opportunities!

4. Our other social media platforms

We have many accounts on several of the existing social media platforms.

From time to time, you may find some exclusive promotions available there, so keep an eye out!

You can find all of our available social media profiles on the lefthand menu of our site:

5. Live Streams:

Recently, we have introduced to our community the amazing streamers Ana and Mel.

If you participate in their live streams, there is a strong chance that you can earn even more rewards, such as those appealing Free Spins that we all love, and that’s not all!

They always have wonderful surprises waiting for you.

Make sure to tune in on Kick, YouTube, and Facebook.

6. Community Chat Games

Our moderators on the community chat are always coming up with exciting games.

Some chat games are exclusive to a specific chat room, but there are plenty of games in the English Room open to everyone. 😊

If you have questions about a specific chat game you can always message the Moderator responsible for that game in our chat room, with the option “Whisper”.

You can find our community chat on the bottom right of our page, right above the live chat button:

Keep in mind that you need to be at least Iron 4 to have access to the player's chat.

One thing you’ll quickly realise is that we don’t want to be repetitive!

Make sure to follow us so you never miss out on your chance for some amazing rewards!🎁

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