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Transaction History
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The final tab on your cashier is the tab Transaction History

You can use it to see all of your transactions on Bitsler since your account's creation, from various sources:

  • Deposits

  • Withdrawals

  • Exchanges

  • Transfers

  • Promo Wins

  • Referral Program

  • Rains

The information can be filtered by currency and date.

Deposits & Withdrawals

All of your deposits and withdrawals made to Bitsler can be seen here, along with information about their status and their respective transaction ID/hash.


You can check here all of the currency exchanges made using our exchanger.


Here you will find your history of tips sent and received, and also your vault movements.

Promo Wins

All of the promotions you receive here on Bitlser can be checked here.
Everything from Chests to Rakeback, Coupons, among others.

Referral Program

This tab is useful to verify all of the commissions you have received from your referees.


Lastly, all received and sent Rains between users, and Drizzle Bot received rains can be found here.

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