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Are you looking to learn more about deposits? Then, keep reading!

We will approach the following in this article:

  • How to make a deposit?

  • Minimum and maximum deposit amounts

  • Other ways to deposit - Bitsler’s partners

  • Deposit delays and uncredited deposits

1. How to make a deposit?

First, please make sure you have a personal wallet, with a balance in a coin that we accept on the website. Read more here.

Then, you'll have to collect all the necessary details from your Bitsler account and insert them in your personal wallet in order to withdraw your balance from there to here.

To collect the needed details, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Deposit” button;

  • Go through all of the coins we have available on the dropdown menu, and select the one you wish to deposit;

  • If needed, choose a deposit network;

  • Copy your deposit address as well as any extra needed details (such as memo ID/destination tag, for example) to your personal wallet.

    • Please make sure to always check your address here every time you make a deposit.

2. Minimum and maximum deposit amounts

We don't have any minimum or maximum deposit amount for our coins, so feel free to deposit any amount you’d like.

However, please take this into consideration:

  • There is a minimum bet amount for each game (Read more about it here).

  • For DOGE deposits worth less than $1, there will be charged a 1 DOGE deposit fee.

3. Other ways to deposit - Bitsler’s partners

If you don't have a personal wallet or need to buy crypto, please learn more about our available options.

4 - Uncredited deposits and deposit delays

If you have made a deposit that hasn't been credited, or if you are having any other deposit issues, please check this article.

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