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Sports Parlay bets: How to place; Odds explanation; Risk vs Profit.
Sports Parlay bets: How to place; Odds explanation; Risk vs Profit.
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This article will guide you while betting with Multiple Sports bets (or Parlays).

Single vs Parlay betting options; Odds explanation and calculation; Risk vs Profit.

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Multiple vs. Single Sports bets: Definition

While Single bets are bets with only 1 selection, Parlays (or Multiple bets) are bets with 2 or more selections within the same bet.

The settlement of these bets depends on the individual settlement of each selection.

Parlay Sports bet (Multiple bets)

General rules

In order to place a Parlay, you only need to add 2 or more selections to the same bet.

If any of the selections in the Parlay is a loss, then the entire parlay loses.

However, if all selections win, then the bettor/player gets a bigger payout.

Parlay Bets are an excellent option for situations where several events are taking place on the same day, for example, and a player wishes to place 1 (or more) bet(s) that covers more than one scenario into the same bet.

How to place a Parlay bet?

For example, if you wish to bet on two results in the same bet, making it a Parlay/Multiple Bet (or, in this case, a Double Bet), you simply need to add the two selections to your Bet Slip, as shown below:

Parlay Odds calculation

In this example, shown above, the bet would be a Parlay with 2 selections (Double Bet), and the Overall/Total Odds calculation would be:

- 1.47 (1st selection) X 3.32 (2nd selection) X 10 (your stake/bet amount).

In case of a favorable settlement, this bet would generate a return/payout of 48.804 USDT.

Once the Bet is confirmed, it would be subsequently shown on "My Bets" - "Active".

Risk vs Profit: Comparing both Betting Systems

- By placing a Single bet:

The player might experience less risk, once there's only 1 scenario/event/selection he(she)'s depending on.

- By placing a Parlay bet:

The player creates a higher risk but also generates a higher potential of winning, once all odds are multiplied between each other.
More selections equal more odds, which equals a higher risk, therefore a higher potential payout.

What do Odds represent?

Despite the aspects mentioned above, a Single Bet is not always/necessarily safer than a Parlay Bet.

The success of a bet will always depend on two elements, mostly: luck and odds.

A Parlay Bet with an overall odd of 5.00 is mathematically more likely to be successful than a Single bet with an odd of 7.00.

Overall, odds are a result of many aspects considered in order to reach a percentual amount that will represent "how likely" it is for a specific scenario (win/lose/number of goals/number of corners/handicap) to happen.

Good luck!

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