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Esports - Curiosities & Terminologies
Esports - Curiosities & Terminologies
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It's common to hear that some people don't consider Esports “real sports”, in the same way they don't consider the players, “real athletes”.

In this article, we will give some curiosities that may prove them wrong.

Let's get into it! Here you will learn more about:

  • Curiosities about the Esport World

  • Esports Terminologies

1. Curiosities about the Esport World

The E-World went through some occasions that lovers will always remember, such as:

➜ The first Esport tournament took place in 1972 📅, way back, taking into place 3 different categories:

  • Single competition.

  • Team competition.

  • Free for all.

➜ The League of Legends World Championship, had more viewers than the Super Bowl, in 2019.

  • Counting with more than 100 million viewers!

➜ The International Dota 2 tournament offered a total prize pool of over $40 million, making it the largest prize pool in E-Sports history in 2021.

  • Even though the Gamers8 (Saudi Arabian E-Sports tournament) has announced a prize pool of $45 million for its 2023 event of the game “The Land of Heroes”, beating the previous one. 💵

2. Esports terminologies

​Worry not! If you are new to this, we have compiled a small list of the most used terms so that you can get started in the Esports world of betting:

  • Map - Where the action takes place. In traditional sports, we have the pitch/field. Esports games can have multiple maps on which the game can be played. Maps differ in style and layout and require different strategies to win.

  • LAN - Known as Local Area Network. Many esports tournaments are held via LAN and not online. In LAN tournaments, all players are located in the same place (an arena), and their computers are all hooked up to the same network.

    • As for a little curiosity, not every tournament takes place in LANs. Some competitions can take place only virtually 💻, and players can compete from the comfort of their homes - This can happen frequently for example in the qualifiers, even for the main teams.

  • Best-of-X - The maximum amount of games to be played in a match. Matches are usually played as best-of-three or best-of-five games and the team who wins the most games (2/3 or 3/5) are the winners of the match.

  • Bait - A participant/player self-sacrificing strategically to entice an adversary into a scenario where the team who sacrifices subsequently dominates and eliminates the opponent, in a way to get any time of advantage.

  • Hit Points (HP) - The ‘health’ of a character/player. Every player’s character begins with an X amount of HP and every time they are hit their HP goes down.
    Once all of their hit points have been depleted, the character/player dies.

  • Killstreak - Making successive kills in the game without dying. Killstreaks can be rewarded with extra powers or in-game currency.

    ​Let us know if you know some fun and interesting facts about E-Sports! 😁

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