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Esports - Available Markets
Esports - Available Markets
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​We provide many markets for our Esports. This increases your possibility of winning that greeny! 💸

Here you will be able to learn more about:

  • The fundaments of E-sports betting options

  • Available Markets

1. The fundaments of E-sports betting options

E-sports offer their unique betting options based on the specific dynamics and mechanics of the game.

Despite the diversity in available betting options, they all share the same fundamentals such as:

  • Selecting the match winner

  • Predicting the number of maps or rounds

  • Other specific in-game events or achievements

This variety of betting options makes Esports betting an engaging and exciting experience in the gaming world. 🎮

2. Available Markets

For our current market offer, you can go here. Just so you know, what we offer can change from match to match.

Some of the available options are:

  • Match/Round Winner: Select the team or competitor that will win the match (or round/Map). This option is suitable for games that may have a draw outcome.

  • Match Handicap: Like in traditional sports, you can assign a virtual advantage or disadvantage to the teams in a match.​

  • Total: Betting on the total number of maps or rounds played in a full match, for example.

Besides the examples above, each type of Esports will have its specific betting markets, such as first-person shooter (Counter-Strike), the number of kills, and which team used a particular skill, among others.

Remember that we always try to offer as many events and markets as possible. Please inform our customer support agents if you don't find what you are looking for.

They will try their best to help you!

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