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Cash Out is a functionality that allows you to settle your own bet before the match/event ends, so it's basically a way of you possibly "cashing out" a part of your bet without having to wait for the regular settlement.

This applies to the whole Sportsbook product: Sports, Esports, live and pre-match betting.

How does it work?

The system calculates the value of the ticket and deducts a fee, offering that value to the player.

It will allow you to reduce an eventual loss, but might also prevent you from possibly having the total profits. So you have a decision to make, depending on your betting strategy and the match dynamics.

How to Cash Out?

If you wish to cash out a specific bet and if the option is available, you must simply go to "My Bets", and the available Cash Out amount will be displayed there.

Afterward, you must simply confirm your Cash Out, by clicking on the light blue button shown below, in order to complete it!

If your Cash Out is completed successfully, you'll get an immediate notification on the top left corner of the page, as shown above.

Odds' changes

There may be occasions where the system asks you to accept any eventual odd changes that occurred in the meantime, before confirming the Cash Out (see full example below).

In the event of a change of odds, both In-Play or Pre-Match, which can cause an alteration of the Cash Out amount, you'll receive this indication on your Bet Slip;

Cash Out availability

Is not guaranteed on all bets, events, competitions nor in all markets.

It depends on many aspects/dynamics of the matches/events involved in the bet, and there are moments when it might not be available to use the Cash Out option.


Cash Out is less likely to be available in events that are on stoppage time or near their conclusion, always depending on the result/scoreboard at that time as well.

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